About MedQuick & Our Team

Med Quick is a full service specialty pharmacy specialized in clinical management and quality delivery of prescription medications. We are your preferred healthcare partner in California. We are a privately-owned specialty pharmacy serving the needs of patients, healthcare professionals and families in our service area. Our high-touch, high quality, integrated patient care solutions deliver consistent, reliable and outstanding customer service. Our dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly staff offer simple, fast and flexible solutions in managing complex conditions for our customers.


Service, Compassion, Integrity, Accountability


We help people live longer, healthier, and happier lives.


Med Quick Pharmacy‘s mission is to demonstrate our commitment to clinical excellence, customer satisfaction, and reliability to the health care community by delivering the safest and utmost quality of care to our patients and providers through a wide range of specialty pharmaceutical services.


  • Be the choice pharmacy for your specialty pharmaceutical medication needs
  • Provide the highest standards of pharmacy services
  • Be the industry leaders in the conditions we manage
  • Develop innovative solutions in providing pharmaceutical care