Request Refill

Our friendly staff will contact you a few days before your next refill is due to schedule medication delivery so you don’t run out of medications.

Injectable Medications

Our trained pharmacy and nursing staff diligently perform IV administration, therapy monitoring, and provide client/patient counseling and education in our luxury infusion suite.


Our Med Quick pharmacy staff have decades of experience creating customized prescriptions for physicians and patients. We’re committed to safety and create each compound to meet the strict guidelines of USP 795 for non-sterile preparations.

In-Home Infusion Therapy

Our experienced home infusion nurses and pharmacists provide infusion therapy for patients at the convenience of patient’s home, at the physician’s office, or in the infusion center. We combine a broad range of high-quality home care options to help patients receive their treatment and live life to its fullest.

Oral Specialty Medications

We provide comprehensive and coordinated delivery and support services related to high-cost oral medications that are used to treat complex chronic conditions.


Prior-Authorization is an integral part of the specialty pharmacy management. Med Quick provides a full service, in-house solution for obtaining prior authorization approval expeditiously. Our experienced and trained intake specialists work with physicians and payers until an approval is obtained. If a PA is denied, our intake specialist will work with your physician to appeal the decision or find an alternative treatment.

Free Same Day or Overnight Delivery

We offer FREE same day or next day delivery of your prescription medication to your home or office ANYWHERE WITHIN CALIFORNIA. Receive the medication securely in the comfort of your home or office.

Nursing Support

Our knowledgeable nursing staff provides administrative support, performs clinical assessment and monitoring, and coordinates care among healthcare providers to ensure safe, consistent and appropriate care for our patients.

Financial Assistance

To help patient access life-saving drug treatment, we provide medications at no cost or discounted prices to people experiencing financial difficulty who may or may not have or qualify for prescription medication benefits and do not have access to other funding sources.

Disease Management

Our experienced pharmacists apply evidence-based practice, in collaboration with prescribing physicians to provide disease management services to patients living with complex chronic diseases such HIV, Hepatitis C, hemophilia, and many others. We provide one-on-one counseling to address medication related issues, Integrate the patient into programs that help them manage their disease and medications, and make the necessary adjustments on an individual basis for better health outcomes.

Patient Adherence/Compliance/Persistence Management programs

Our trained pharmacy staff take the necessary steps, coupled advanced technology tools to identify high risk patients, particularly among those with chronic illnesses to improve medication adherence and overall better health outcome.

Quality Management Program

At Med Quick, we are committed to quality and safety! We utilize continuous quality improvement-oriented processes to enhance operations and compliance, ensure patient access to medication, and provide quality and safe medication management.