In the recent years, breakthrough treatments for HIV have dramatically improved the lives of people living with this condition. If you have been diagnosed with HIV, your healthcare provider and Med Quick Pharmacy will work as a team to access to breakthrough drugs. We offer a full line of medications for HIV and other infectious diseases, including antiviral drugs, antiretroviral drugs, and growth factors. Med Quick has years of experience providing compassionate support, education, and the expertise needed to monitor your therapy, help you manage any potential side effects and avoid any drug interactions. We offer individualized care to keep your HIV treatment on track. Our pharmacy team works with your insurance company to secure any authorizations needed to ensure that your drugs are covered by your benefit plan. We can also connect you with financial help from manufacturers and non-profit organizations, if available. Med Quick’s pharmacy team is available to answer questions and provide guidance to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.