We are a vital part of the integrated care delivery system.

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HUB Program Management

  • Customized Patient Intake and Onboarding
  • Comprehensive Benefits Investigation
  • Prior Authorization Processing & Appeals
  • Patient Assistance Program Management (PAP) & Co-Pay Programs
  • Patient Adherence / Compliance /Persistence Management
  • Reporting
  • Patient Management Program
  • Medication Management Programs
  • Disease Management Programs
  • Medication Delivery Services
  • Medication Infusion Services
  • Home Care Services
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We accept Medicare (including Part D and Part B), Medi-Cal, Commercial insurances, and provide Patient Assistance Programs.



We provide convenient benefit coordination, pharmacy billing and reimbursement consultations, and monitor fraud, waste and abuse.


Data management and reporting

We have the ability to capture and aggregate detailed information and reports on patient adherence, quality of care and outcomes including high-level metrics, performance indicators, operational metrics, clinical metrics and economic metrics.